anuga.create_domain_from_regions(bounding_polygon, boundary_tags, maximum_triangle_area=None, mesh_filename=None, interior_regions=None, interior_holes=None, hole_tags=None, poly_geo_reference=None, mesh_geo_reference=None, breaklines=None, regionPtArea=None, minimum_triangle_angle=28.0, fail_if_polygons_outside=True, use_cache=False, verbose=False)[source]

Create domain from bounding polygons and resolutions.

  • bounding_polygon – list of points in Eastings and Northings, relative to the zone stated in poly_geo_reference if specified. Otherwise points are just x, y coordinates with no particular association to any location.

  • boundary_tags – dictionary of symbolic tags. For every tag there is a list of indices referring to segments associated with that tag. If a segment is omitted it will be assigned the default tag ‘’.

  • maximum_triangle_area – maximal area per triangle for the bounding polygon, excluding the interior regions.

  • Interior_regions – list of tuples consisting of (polygon, resolution) for each region to be separately refined. Do not have polygon lines cross or be on-top of each other. Also do not have polygon close to each other. NOTE: If a interior_region is outside the bounding_polygon it should throw an error

  • interior_holes – list of polygons for each hole. These polygons do not need to be closed, but their points must be specified in a counter-clockwise order.

  • hole_tags – list of tag segment dictionaries. This function does not allow segments to share points - use underlying pmesh functionality for that

  • poly_geo_reference – geo_reference of the bounding polygon and the interior polygons. If none, assume absolute. Please pass one though, since absolute references have a zone.

  • mesh_geo_reference – geo_reference of the mesh to be created. If none is given one will be automatically generated. It was use the lower left hand corner of bounding_polygon (absolute) as the x and y values for the geo_ref.

  • breaklines – list of polygons. These lines will be preserved by the triangulation algorithm - useful for coastlines, walls, etc. The polygons are not closed.

  • regionPtArea – list of 3-tuples specifing a point with max area for region containing point

  • fail_if_polygons_outside – If True (the default) Exception in thrown where interior polygons fall outside bounding polygon. If False, these will be ignored and execution continued.


shallow water domain instance


Interior regions should be fully nested, as overlaps may cause unintended resolutions.